Saturday, November 12, 2011

House Madness

It's been a week since my last post, and I've definitely missed updating this blog. Sadly, I haven't been able to take any outfit photos mostly because I haven't really been wearing anything but this or something like this:

Definitely not photo-worthy! (And sadly I've looked worse this week.) I have spent the past week at the new house cleaning, calling contractors, overseeing contractors, transferring utilities in our name, painting, having some awesome friends over to watch the preschooler while I work, and just being stressed out. I've lost a couple of pounds at least in part because I don't have ready access to a fridge!

Anyway, we did decide to do some DIY projects like repainting this room, which was red-purple before we got to it. They left some of the paint, and guess what it was called? "Mom's Lipstick"!

BEFORE: The paint looks white here but it's really mint green.

AFTER: This room looks even better now, as the electric sockets have been replaced and I repainted the trim/baseboards white just a few hours ago. I'll put up more photos at some point.

The painters, who did the rest of the house, have come and gone. They didn't do as good of a job as I had hoped, but they were actually able to take care of patching up some unanticipated holes in the ceiling due to a leaky upstairs toilet, and the house inside generally looks much better than it did before. Before it was like walking into a cave -- dark colors in the kitchen and family room and blotchy emo textured brown-on-brown paint in the entry -- and now with the new slightly-pink off-white paint, the place seems much larger and airier.

:-@ (screaming) and =/ (angry) but at least they are patched and virtually undetectable now.

We have a lot more painting to do this weekend. The hubby painted the tall ceiling in the front room and dining room himself (one of the things that the painters did a half-assed job on), which he was able to do in a few hours by himself. Amazing, really. This weekend will mean more painting: baseboards, the family room ceiling (which is thankfully low), and one last room. Once the new carpet is installed next week, we can start moving in our heavier stuff. Cleaning and scrubbing will also commence with a vengeance. I need more coffee!

But late next week I will be taking a break to meet up with some old friends in L.A., so I should have an outfit photo by then at the latest...I hope. :-) Have a great weekend!

xo, Gladys


  1. Where'd you get that mint green paint, because I'm planning on paint some of my bedroom furniture mint and this is the perfect shade!

    1. hi anon. lucky we still have a can of it lying around in the garage. :-) it's ICY MINT from Valspar (interior satin finish). we got it at our local Lowe's.


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