Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy Snapshots: September

A few days late, but better than never. :-) I love these photos of the last days of summer. October is going to be a fun month as well. Happy fall season!


Cousins - the next generation of techies

First day of school and already digging into the toy boxes

My teary-eyed brother with his newborn twin boys

Beautiful, beautiful babies

Bonding with one of my nephews

My husband with both of his new nephews


Antipasto salad

Spices for the chocolate chili

Yummy garlic fries at The Counter

Delicious rice, grilled chicken, salad, and sangria at Lala's Argentine Grill

The Wilds

At the Carpinteria Salt Marsh preserve

Bee going after some lovely-smelling nectar

xo, Gladys


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