Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fluevog Love in the Haight

During my early-May visit to the Bay Area, I of course had to include a stop at the Fluevog store on Haight Street with dear Joanne. I hadn't been to a Fluevog store to try on the latest Spring shoes, so this was the perfect opportunity to do just that. In particular, I'd been eying the new styles and colorways in the Miracle family. But I certainly couldn't stop at the Miracles. Here's what I ended up trying on (you can click on the photos to see the shoes on the Fluevog website):

Miracle: Hollie

These are VERY cute but a little too high given the small toe box. My feet are widest at the toes so I can imagine they would be cramped there within an hour of wear.

Miracle: Medugorje

These pumps are in the same family as the Hollies above and have a gorgeous profile. But I have the same problem at the toe box since they're the same sole.

World: Nzame

These loafers are very comfy, but not interesting enough for me to spend that much money (even though this particular colorway is on sale).

Memories Hi: Keepsake

The silhouette of these shoes reminds me very much of the Attention family, and these definitely grab attention! There is a bit of a platform so they're not as steep as you would think, but they are still very high.

Integrity: Amie

I've never seen Fluevog make ballet flats before, and I do like the fit and the leather very much. However, they are still ballet flats...I can't shell out that much money for ballet flats.

Wonder: Ayers

I think the Wonders make for a very comfortable shoe, and this particular style in that family is no exception. Despite my love for the color, however, the ankle straps add too much bulk in that area. With thick calves like mine, that's not an advantage.

Baroque: Caravaggio

The Baroque family has a really beautiful hexagonal heel. Unfortunately, the family runs too big for me. The bows on these t-straps are also not quite my style, anyway.

Daily Miracles: Prodigy

The Daily Miracles look very much like the Miracle family, but a little wider at the toe box which is helpful. These size 6 do fit me (yay!) but in the end I wasn't wowed by this particular sling-back style. I'm looking forward to the new styles that Fluevog comes up with for this family.

Bellevue: Etta Place

Ahhh, another beautiful Bellevue style. These were size 6 and still too large. I can't wait until they regularly start making Bellevues and Minis in size 5. (I was told size 5 Minis are coming this Fall!)

Faith Hi: Jericho

Trying this on was more of a gag than anything else. "Fluevogologist" Jim said that they've been making everyone try this style on this season. They're not even in my size! But it was fun to see my feet encased in such a loud shoe. And you know what, they're not that bad! (Of course, it helps that they're actually comfortable.)

Frontier: Danielson

These were the last pair I tried on, and I wouldn't have done so if Jim hadn't taken them from the back room to show me. I loved the color combo and style immediately: navy, sky, and red, with a red heart at the back of the heel.

And OK, I'll confess here that I did actually buy the Danielsons. I was going to wait until May 15 (International Fluevog Day) to get 15% off of a pair of shoes in the Miracle family, but I wasn't enamored with any of the Miracles I tried on...whereas the moment I put the Danielsons on, I didn't want to take them off. They are just so cute, comfortable, and easily styled as part of a '50s retro outfit, and no question that they add interest to my shoe collection in a way that heels/pumps won't. (Maybe one day I'll share my whole collection here so you'll know what I mean.) Thank goodness, at least, that the Danielsons were already on sale.

Many thanks to Joanne for taking the closeup shots of the shoes!

xo, Gladys


  1. Such a FUN visit! I realize that I need to take better photos of these visits too. Or maybe not. Damnit! Those Babycakes look so gorgeous! I could totally bring them to a cobbler and ask them to add a leather extension to make it work. Alas, would that mean that I'd have TOO MANY MINIS in my collection?! But hose Babycakes are just too divine? Thoughts?

    Super happy you got the Danielsons. When you put them on, I knew they had to be yours!

    1. oh girl, i think you should splurge on the babycakes! i know you value diversity in your shoe collection (i do, too!), but when the right boots come, it doesn't matter what family they are! they are sooooo gorgeous on your legs!!!

      yes, i'm really happy with my new shoes! please tell jim thanks again for me!


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