Friday, July 27, 2012

Last Lesson

"Class photo"

We're all just a bit sad that today was the last swim lesson. I won't lie, it's been exhausting to constantly get the house clean and ready for seven kids and their parents (including me and the kiddo). But it was a great experience and I'm glad we did it. We might actually continue lessons after a week break or so; summer won't be over here for another month or two. The only issue is that some of the kids will be starting school again very soon. (Crazy, I know.)

It's been a real joy to watch my son come out of his usually-reserved shell ... and turn into a fish! It can be scary at times since he likes to just jump headlong into the water (to dance, float, swim, and/or get on your back for a "swimmy back ride"), but he's a blast to be around when he's in the water. He laughs underwater.

Watching him learn has also made me a better swimmer myself. I learned that good goggles are a MUST for me. I use Swedish goggles (like these), which do a fantastic job of keeping the water out, and fogging is easy to get rid of. With them on, underwater looks basically like these photos, which were taken with an underwater camera. It makes me feel calmer when I can see everything clearly, so I'm consequently able to hold my breath underwater for a good period of time. Being able to swim laps now has helped tone my muscles and improve my physique as well. (!) A very nice side-effect when all we're trying to do is have fun. :-)

xo, Gladys


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