Monday, July 23, 2012

Roosters, Fluevogs, and a Vintage Vibe

Dress: Folter via ModCloth (ON SALE!) | Shoes: Fluevog Vanny (Choice Hi family) | Bracelets: Kohl's and souvenir shop in Warsaw, Poland

I've worn this ensemble twice now, but this was the only time I was able to take photos of it. Can you tell how happy I am in these pictures? Or maybe you can tell just because I'm posting SO MANY of them...? Ah, I get so excited whenever I have an outfit to share with you.

But this really is one of my favorite dresses in my closet. I love rockabilly and pinup clothes (e.g. I posted about playing virtual dress-up with a Pin Up Maker), but I don't have a lot of them in my wardrobe. Truth be told, I bought the dress specifically to match my beautiful shoes. I got these adorable Fluevog pumps (they have a heart-shaped heel!) on sale in February 2011, but it wasn't until later that December that I found the perfect outfit to match, when I saw this dress on the ModCloth website (still available and now on sale).

I have to admit that the dress is somewhat snug -- tight, even -- across the chest and under the arms, so beware if you're bustier than I am. It's also a bit longer than I usually like my dresses. But with the right undergarments and the right-height shoes (not to mention fashion tape to prevent gaping between buttons), it's a killer outfit. I really dig the vintage 1950s vibe of it. I could not pass up the dress once I tried it on. It's such a beautiful and fun print, with a combination of colors that isn't often seen on the same fabric, and because it's 100% cotton, it feels great on. Even better, the colors don't match my Vanny pumps exactly, so putting them together doesn't feel too precious.

So I took photos of my outfit at two different times on the same day. The first set (all the photos above) was taken before going to a birthday party, and the second set (below) was taken in the late afternoon -- hence the difference in lighting. Also notice that in the first set of photos, the purple sash is missing; I just forgot to put it on for the photos. I think the dress works both ways, but the belt is a nice touch.

I haven't tried but I think it would be fun to dance in this skirt.

Aren't the big purple buttons great? And I don't have a closeup, but the piping on the collar is awesome too.

xo, Gladys


  1. hey, i havent ready any blogs pretty much allll year. that dress is fantastic! i'm sure we most definitely live close to each other, maybe we can have a sewing party or something, haha. my email is cmrrdde at gmail dot com.


    1. hi clementine! i did wonder why you weren't posting anymore, so i'm glad to hear from you. would love to meet up for a sewing party. i don't know other sewers in this area. it would be cool to get together and share our projects and have time to work on them. i'll message you soon. :-)


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