Monday, February 25, 2013

Space Dome

On top of the world

So remember the playground climber that I spotted at our local Costco a couple weeks ago? Yeah, we bought it. I asked my mom and siblings if they'd be willing to pool money with me and my husband to get it for the kiddo's upcoming 5th birthday, and they were like, hell yeah! *grin*

My amazing husband spent much of his free time since then prepping the backyard -- drawing some plans, doing lots of digging, and buying the necessary items to create a mulched area. THEN he started putting together the climber, which comprised a surprising number of pieces and bolts. He braved near-freezing winds to get this done in time, but get it done he did. With some (very) last-minute help from me and the kiddo, the climber aka "Space Dome" (still available here) was ready to be climbed by the end of the day last Friday. And, barring any horrible weather, it should be available for playing during my son's birthday party this coming weekend. (Btw, the theme we decided on? DINOSAURS!)

The lovely mulched area ready and waiting (with random piece of rubber siding that needed to be thrown to the side) (See also the vegetable patch in the background right, also ready to be sown with new seeds in a few weeks!)

My husband hard at work, as usual

All put together and ready to be moved onto the mulch

I think this thing looks so cool. I love the colors, the size, the shape.... It's perfect for our backyard, which we decided not to plant with sod grass and simply leave as dirt. With the vegetable patch and the climber, it's coming along nicely. And I'll admit that I'm excited like a kid about having the climber in my home. :-) I used to love climbing apparatuses like this when I was a kid -- anything where I could hang or swing like a monkey. Now that I'm a creaky old adult, I can no longer climb like I used to, but I have nice flashbacks when I watch my son. Moreover, he's always been a more physically-cautious kid than I was, so this is a great way for him to test and expand his limits on a regular basis. Thanks to his mama-grandma and auntie and uncle for such a great birthday gift!

xo, Gladys


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