Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

Sprinkle time

Recipe for these egg-shaped rice crisp treats (with candy egg surprise inside) found here

Chocolate whiskers before the egg hunt

Not sure why they did this ta-da pose, but it was cute.

On the hunt

Not an original outfit on this blog, but I was thinking I don't have enough crazy poses on here. I was obviously channeling the kids' ta-da pose from earlier.
Dress: Tulle via ModCloth | Maryjane clogs: Fluevog Guide (Prepare family) | Leather bracelet: Made for me in Hawai'i, with a Hawaiian translation of my name

E wore the art smock I made for her birthday last year, getting ready to dye eggs.

My little artist at work

We don't know how he made that spectacular marbled teal/turquoise one, but it became the gold standard! He made the rest of his eggs all green, his favorite color.

Hulk hands at the end

Trying my hand at egg-dyeing (I had two Hulk fingers on my right hand afterward.) ... Verdict: not as pretty as my kiddo's :-)

We don't celebrate Easter religiously, but we do enjoy celebrating the new spring season with our family and friends. We spent the weekend with my husband's parents and our friends in town, making crispy eggs, hunting eggs, and dyeing eggs. We also ate. A lot. And listened to disco music. There may or may not have been some dancing involved. I can neither confirm nor deny whether it was line dancing. It was a great fun weekend that made me thankful for all the love we have in our lives. I hope you also had a wonderful weekend, however and with whomever you chose to spend it. :-)

xo, Gladys

P.S. Here's a bonus photo of the eggs dyed by me and the kiddo. They made for a yummy Monday lunch.


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