Monday, April 15, 2013

Sewing: Floral Apron

It's been quite a while since I sewed anything, but I recently busted out my machine and made yet another Lotta Jansdotter reversible apron over the weekend (for an extended family member). And because I didn't add pockets this time, it went relatively quickly. This makes apron #5 from this pattern. I've been looking for other apron patterns to try, but this one just matches my taste the best -- simple, flattering, but also versatile since it's reversible. So many apron patterns out there require ric-rac, ribbon, lace, and/or bias tape to finish them; and while I'm not at all against trims, I am more drawn to simple shapes and rely on fabric choice to "show off." Most of my fabric stash is patterned and I need to use it all up somehow. Besides, I tend to want to simplify patterns that require ribbon, as I did with this apron. I promise that it's not just laziness. ;-) If I add anything, it's usually pockets.

Confession: I'm not too fond of the combination of these two fabrics, but the receiver wanted browns. Since I didn't like the idea of using a solid brown for one side, I put together florals. Not as elegant (is that the right word?) as the other aprons I've made, but I hope she likes it anyway.

Tunic: fun 2 fun via ModClothJeans: GAPShoes: Fluevog Guide (Prepare family)
(Thanks to my mom for taking all the photos in this post!)

Bonus pic: Here's the outfit I was wearing when I modeled the apron. I wore it to go to a cousin's birthday party in Long Beach with the kiddo. This is one of the few tunics I have; I like the checks and the colors (I LOVED being able to wear my blue Guides with the outfit), but the style, which is trying for a mod 60s vibe, isn't as crisp as I'd like -- problem with the fabric and loose fit at the shoulders and bodice. I'll probably add it to my HUGE to-be-altered pile. Sigh. I still have my eye out on a more flattering tunic style, since I want dressy tops in longer lengths to wear over pants whenever I don't feel like wearing a dress to a party.

Oh, and did you notice the tattoo on my left arm? It's a temporary tattoo (of dinosaurs) that is still going strong after almost a week. Weird. It might be time to take some rubbing alcohol to it. But I'll admit that it's made me consider a bracelet tattoo on my upper arm. Maybe I'll get one in a few years, perhaps for my next milestone birthday...? :-)

xo, Gladys

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