Monday, December 12, 2011

#1: Three Holiday Parties in Four Days

Last week was super busy, not even taking into account the fact that we're still settling in and cleaning up at the new house. We went to three parties, the last of which WE hosted. Crazy times! But good times, too. :-)

I wore this outfit for my husband's company holiday party. Because the party was held in a large drafty building on the fairgrounds, the wrap was on me for most of the night; the only time I took it off was when we got on the dance floor. I was a little worried because I wasn't sure if I would be sitting with anyone I knew. It turns out we arrived a little too late to sit with some acquaintances, but you know what? That was a lucky thing. I met a really wonderful lady named Veronica, whose husband works in the same building as my husband does (though the two men aren't close friends or anything). V and I talked almost the whole night, and we made plans to have our kids meet at the beginning of the new year. She's a bit older, with her oldest child being fourteen, but I really enjoyed her laid-back vibe and sweetness. For example, she had her husband get me two sodas at different times of the evening, just because she thought I might be thirsty. So sweet! (Where was my husband, you ask? I had sent him away to go drink and take a load off with his coworkers. I was the designated driver for the night!)

By the way, do you like the Xmas tree and gorgeous decorative pillow in the background? I'll take better pictures next time. :-)

Dress: Esley via Shopkempt | Wrap: unknown, borrowed from my mom | Hose: unknown | Kitten heels: J.Renée "Drema" via Amazon

This was a very flattering dress. I loved the shape and the intricate bling detail at the bodice (no accessories needed!). The only drawback was the fuchsia belt which not only was too large for my waist but also unbuttoned easily (as in, whenever I bent over at the waist!). Thankfully I had fashion tape to position it properly and secure it at the same time. I felt that this outfit was a success overall. My shoes, which were new, held up really well, too, even during the dancing! There was some pinching at the toes at the end of the night, but it wasn't as bad as I expected. I would recommend this shoe brand for sure.

Check back tomorrow for the next post on my holiday party "extravaganza"! ;-)

xo, Gladys

P.S. It just started snowing! First snow in the Southern California high desert.

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