Thursday, December 22, 2011

13 of 30: Purple and Plaid

Happy First Day of Winter!

I've finally gotten around to wearing another 30 for 30 outfit AND taking photos. I actually did wear my retro 70s romper several weeks ago but didn't catch it on digital "film." So this outfit is lucky number 13 on this here blog. (Another jeans outfit, sorry. I keep thinking I'll put on a dress but then the cold wind outside changes my mind.)

Tank: Old Navy | Cardi and jeans: GAP | Coat: Tulle via Modcloth | Socks: Sockdreams | Booties: Blowfish "Hichi" via Amazon

Loving the plaid coat; it's not one of my 30 for 30 items but as an overcoat it's allowed. Two of the oversize buttons fell off soon after I got the coat in the mail and I still haven't sewed them back on. Anyway, I'm not sure why I'm so into purple AND plaid this season. This coat makes me feel like I'm dressed up even when I'm just in jeans and a tank top. I think I'm going to have to wear it with a tunic-and-tights ensemble at least once this winter. Maybe I'll even match it up with the purple plaid skirt that's on my 30 for 30 item list. :-)

Don't mind the mess behind me. I have a hard time cleaning up after my preschooler. We're trying to get him to clean up after himself. If you've got any suggestions on good incentives to help him learn, I'd appreciate them! Also, bonus photo below: This is what our skies looked like five days ago. So so so gorgeous. It reminds me a bit of the ocean on an overcast day.

xo, Gladys


  1. OMG. You know how much I LOVE purple (til me fave, in fact). This is an awesome coat!

    So my dear friend... will you be at Le Fluevog sale next week? Also, someone needs to update their FB album:)

  2. oh yes, i will be there! the hubby has agreed to get me a pair as his Xmas gift to me. :-) still not sure what i'll be getting. it depends on what goes on sale! will update my album when i get my newest pair.

    what about you? are the meeras on your list?


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