Friday, January 20, 2012

PSAs and Housekeeping

No outfit post today. Just some announcements and blog-housekeeping items.

  1. SALE: My favorite shoemaker Fluevog is having their semi-yearly sale right now. Check their Clearance pages for your size as well. And if you like to make sure you get the best bargain possible, you can cross-check on Amazon to see if they have your size for a better price. (I did that and got my belated Xmas present from the hubby that post on that to come later! [EDIT: that post is here])
  2. SALE: I mentioned this in the last post, but there is also a ModCloth clearance sale going on right now. The dresses that went on sale for $15 or less are mostly gone, but nicer-quality items that are now $20-50 can still be found. There is an Eva Franco dress on sale for $53, down from $175. It's beautiful, but I'm not getting it because it is just out of my price range, and I'm afraid that it's not my color.
  3. BLOG: I just incorporated the LinkWithin widget, and it makes the blog ever-so-much more fun to navigate. Seriously.
  4. BLOG: It's been on my mind for a while, but I'll be working on putting up a Links page that lists some of my favorite blogs and websites. I've just been too lazy to do it before now.

    Also, this is a little random, but my past couple of 30 for 30 outfit photos have been taken indoors, and I noticed that the photos are quite dark compared to my other photos. It's because I took them in the afternoon, when the sun has moved to the other side of the house. I guess I'll take photos in the morning, or move the other side of the house when I have to wait till the afternoon.

xo, Gladys


  1. Yay Fluevog sale! Don't forget that the new spring line is slowly making its way. Le sigh. So gorgeous!

    Also, your projects are looking amazing, lady! Great work:)

  2. i was just drooling over the minis on the website last night. i have to say, my wallet is very relieved they are still not making size 5s in the minis! i like the integrity flats too but again i think they are too big for me. but yes, SUPER gorgeous spring line this year (better than 2011 so far in my humble opinion). thanks for kind words, sister! i'll work hard on our upcoming "collaboration" and hope you won't mind if i document it and post about it here. :-) hugs.

  3. I feel the same way about Fluevog boots. I hate that they make boots for smaller legs. But I'm glad because I'd be in serious financial trouble. YES! Feel free to blog about the headbands. I'm looking forward to seeing the final product:)

  4. yay! will look for the package in the mail. :-)


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