Thursday, March 8, 2012

Birthday Extravaganza

Hand-made birthday banner

We are still recovering from my now-4-year-old's birthday parties this past weekend. Yes, I wrote PARTIES, as in plural. Well, two to be exact, but they were back-to-back, one on Friday night for our local friends and the other on Saturday afternoon for our extended family from Long Beach. My husband described preparing for the second party as changing out the riders on a carnival ride, where you're putting the ride back together and cleaning out whatever needs to be cleaned out for the next set of people in line. I thought that was funny, and pretty apt.

Both parties were really fun, though. This new house lends itself to partying much better than our old house did. We even managed to do piñatas, one for each, inside the house. We weren't sure about the weather (it's been pretty windy and sometimes rainy over here), so the hubby built a contraption made of a wooden beam and strong nylon cord to hang and control the piñatas in the large entrance hallway. I'm relieved that none of the kids managed to hit a wall or lamp with the stick, but there were a few close calls there. Point is, they had a lot of fun, which is what we were aiming for.

Here's Party #1:

Learning how to play Lego Star Wars on the Wii

Glow sticks for a night party

Homemade brownie cake

Photobombing his piñata time
(Details: Dress: YA Los Angeles via ModCloth | Cardi: I.N.C. via Macy's)

Hanging out

Here's Party #2:

I love how this photo of the 2nd party matches the one above of the 1st party

Cookies 'n cream with devil's food cake from Coldstone Creamery
(Details: Top: Kasper via Macy's | Cardi: AGB via Macy's | Jeans: GAP)

The hit that broke the piñata

Bonus photo of the kiddo's haircut a week before the party. The stylist offered some color, and he asked for green. Early happy St. Patrick's Day!

xo, Gladys


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