Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Baby Shower #3, Part 2

As promised, here is the second set of photos from my brother and sister-in-law's baby shower over the weekend. There were lots of activities planned for the guests. My older sister loves to put things like this together, so she had at least four games planned for the adults and three activities/games planned for the kids. There were A LOT of activities, but I'd venture to say that the guests had a blast.

The party started around 2pm, so we didn't get to swim until 4pm or so. Sadly, we don't have a pool heater installed (we'll need to save up over a few years for that), but good thing it was still hot enough outside to warrant a dip in the pool. The water was cold but not only was there minimal wind to chill the skin outside the water, but we also have a spa set to the temperature of warm bath water. It was nice to transfer over from the pool to the spa.

Ultrasound puzzle race (The kids had a version of this, too.)

Painting ceramic elephant banks

Pool time! (And there's my goofy, cowlick-y hair.)

Hubby with kiddo and our nephew warming up in the spa

Egg hunt (for coins to drop into their elephant banks)

Opening the presents (These Busytown quilts for the twins were made by my mother-in-law.)

The other activities not shown were a stamping session for the kids to decorate their egg-hunt bags and three more activities for the adults -- 1) finding as many 4- and 5-letter words with the babies' names, 2) battling to sing lines from songs with designated words in them, for example, songs with the words "baby," "boy," or "two," and 3) decorating onesies for the twins.

I'm very glad that the party was successful, but I'm also relieved that our party-hosting endeavors are finished for the month. We now have a couple of weeks to get the house ready again for regular guests: in July, we'll have our local friends over 2 to 3 days a week for group swimming lessons for the kids (we got a good deal from a new small business in the area). It should be fun and I hope less stressful.

xo, Gladys


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