Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Snapshots: December

Happy New Year!

Early last month, I finally went to the doctor for a wellness checkup after three years (I know! my bad) and got great news on all my blood panels and "lady" tests. Woohoo! Since then, of course, I've been binging on sweet wine, chocolate, and bread (damn you, pizza), which hasn't been good on my skin or stomach. So I'm quite happy to say hello to 2013; I'll attempt to make up for my excesses these past few weeks.

But first, I must say goodbye to December and 2012. Here are some of my favorite shots.

A little snippet of my colorful sock/tight collection

Gathering all the animals in the house -- can you guess which one is not like the others? Silly. ;-)

A repeat of this post, but seriously: These shoes! This dress!

A very rich baked pasta based on The Pioneer Woman's recipe. Next time, I would use only half or 2/3rds as much cheese. Big thumbs up on the sauce recipe, though.

My friend E's birthday chocolate cake that the hubby and I made for her.

What I wore to E's birthday party. I liked this outfit a lot, and I love these shoes (Fluevog Giulia boots from the Operetta family), which were the first Fluevogs I bought. I just wish I could have taken better photos, i.e., during daylight and not in the late night indoors like this.

My twin nephews are RIDICULOUSLY CUTE. They're fraternal twins but sometimes it's really hard to tell them apart. Definitely bros.

My own beautiful boy

Children are angels ... when they're sleeping. Haha!

Decorating Xmas cookies on the Eve

These lemon squares were my favorite cookies that the hubby made.

Our family guests on Xmas Day ... you can see a bit of my lovely holiday dress (I'm the last lady on the right-front). 

Just look at that focus. This is serious business, folks, building one of his LEGO sets that he got for Xmas.

We visited the retired space shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center. My little guy really enjoyed himself, not just at this exhibit but at the others as well.

We took professional photos with my siblings and mom at a JC Penney studio, but these were the individual family shots of us that I loved. It's weird and cool that the three of us made the same "funny face" when the photographer directed us to. 

And here's to a happier and healthier year ahead for you and yours!

xo, Gladys


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