Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Shoes: Fluevog Worlds

Sweater/Cardi: Motel Rocks via ModCloth | Top: Old Navy | Jeans: GAP | Loafers: Fluevog Nzame (World family)

This past season I have been craving flats as much as heels from the Fluevog line, mostly because I want shoes that I can quickly slip on as I run out of the house to drive my son to and from school everyday. Of course, I could have spent less and gotten, say, more Blowfish flats, but I actually got these gorgeous red loafers on very steep sale through Amazon earlier this month (they were less than $55 for me but are also on sale right now at Fluevog for $99) ... meaning that, for just a little more than a pair of full-price Blowfish shoes, I got these amazing, supremely comfortable leather shoes that will last me YEARS. I can attest that they hold up well for dancing, too; after several hours of dancing contra last weekend, my toes didn't feel so much as a twinge. :-)

(Sorry, not to rag on Blowfish. After all, I have five pairs of their shoes -- 3 flats and 2 booties -- that I still wear sometimes. I just meant to use it as an example of cute, good-quality shoes that nevertheless are not made to last. Fluevogs are obviously in a different league; they are far more comfortable and they mold almost perfectly to your shape once broken-in; and given the choice, with price being comparable, I'd simply pick Fluevogs every time.)

{Oh, and don't worry. I've been selling off some of my minimally-used Fluevogs to make room for new pairs. These didn't fit me that well, so I rarely wore them. If you're in the market for some beautiful vintage size 6 Fluevogs in excellent condition, let me know! See here, here, and here.}

Fluevog World: Nzame (also comes in black, cream/brown, and purple/blue colorways)

I tried these on when they came out in last spring's line, and for some reason I remembered thinking that they were comfortable but a little big for me. I was willing to overlook that when I bought them, however, because they were supposed to be quick to slip on, anyway. But it turns out that they fit my feet just fine and are snug with socks on, so I would say they run almost 1/2 size small (I own the size 6 but am a true 5.5).

They're such an easy and comfortable way to add color to my boring everyday outfits as I run around getting errands done. This is a representative of what I've been wearing everyday this past fall and winter: jeans, a casual tee, and some kind of sweater or jacket. Usually not this already-very-bright sweater, which I don't wear more than once a week or two weeks outside the house. (Inside the house is different. It's been cold here, and the sweater is like wearing a cozy blanket all day. Prrrrr. It's among the best purchases I've made at ModCloth, and that's saying something!)

Something interesting about the red colorway that you might or might not have noticed: If you look at the stock photo above, you'll notice that the tassels on the right shoe are longer than those on the left. I believe that's the case for every red pair that was made. When I first received the shoes from Amazon, I considered returning them or complaining because I thought they were defective, but the stock photo on the Fluevog website showed the exact same issue. It's not the case with the other colorways. I'm sure other folks have noticed too and were bothered by this, but you know what, I actually like the subtle difference between the left and right shoes. Makes them more special that way, at least to me. :-)

xo, Gladys

P.S. Do I need to trim my bangs or what?!


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