Monday, January 21, 2013

Space Brogues at the Space Park

We spent a lovely Sunday morning in the park, with a plan to feed the ducks and geese and chaperone the kiddo as he biked around the park's perimeter. We brought the camera, so I got some photos of my outfit as well. (I don't know who that blond kid is. I got photo-bombed!)

Cardi: GAP | T-shirt: Next Level Apparel via California Science Center | Jeans: GAP | Socks: Sockdreams | Shoes: Fluevog Alli (Adrian family)

I rarely wear these shoes, which I bought secondhand via eBay a couple of years ago. I think it's because they take a bit of work to put on (the straps) and are a bit heavy. However, they're quite fun and stompy and have a great profile. I like the brogue look as well. I'm not sure why I thought they'd be appropriate for a morning at the park, but I was able to easily run in them while keeping up with my son on his training-wheels bike.

I'm quite fond of the socks as well. Sometimes I think the design is meant to be abstract daisies, but usually I think of spaceships when I see it. I wore the socks to match one of my newest graphic tees, depicting the retired space shuttle Endeavour, which I bought when we visited the California Science Center late last month. And I wore the tee because the park, which is in an airport, is named after the Apollo space mission.

And you can see part of my TARDIS spaceship iPhone peeking out of my jeans pocket. I'm such a nerd!


There were hundreds and hundreds of ducks and geese at the park. I won't lie, it got a bit scary at times! Some were quite brazen and crept close to us, not even a foot away, almost the moment they saw the bag with the flour tortillas in it. I even got spanked in the backside when a goose spread its wings as it tried to mark its territory. And some of the taller birds tried to pluck the tortillas right out of my son's hands. Thankfully, however, no one got hurt, and much fun was definitely had. :-)

xo, Gladys


  1. I should also add that I'm the only one in the MotleyFlue that doesn't own a pair of wingtips. Gah!

    1. maybe it's the same issue as the CBCs ... they're just not "you" at the moment?


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