Friday, August 9, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten

I couldn't help but post these photos of my baby's first day of kindergarten. He started yesterday and oh man, what an emotional day. I managed not to cry when I dropped him off, but I did cry a bit once he was home again and I could give him cuddles and kisses. I was so proud. His personality is generally low-key and the fact that he seemed satisfied when I picked him up -- and not upset about anything -- was a good sign. This little guy is my first and only child, so it was a big moment for us. Last year, he went to a pretty small preschool for barely 3 hours a day, so a full 6-hour day at a large primary school is quite scary. At least the kindergarteners have their special area where older kids are not allowed. The bigger kids are just so ... large. He's probably the smallest kid in his class, counting both boys and girls, and he's very quiet when not at home or with close family and friends. I worry about him speaking up, being heard, paying attention, remembering where he put his stuff, going to the restroom when he feels the urge, making new friends, having a good relationship with his teacher, everything. I'm glad that he's got several old friends from preschool to play with again, although the majority are not in his class.

I'm planning to volunteer in his classroom once we're allowed. I honestly never thought I'd be a volunteer parent; mine never volunteered at our school when we were growing up because they were always at work. (And let's face it: they weren't all that interested. They were basically the throw-you-into-the-deep-end-of-the-pool-and-see-if-you-learn-to-swim kind of parents. I'm still alive, though, right? Lol) But I hear it's quite fun to do it, and it's something to look forward to this coming year.

I want to laugh when I see this picture. I totally wanted to take more photos but he started giving me this face, like, "Oh come on, Mom! You're not seriously going to take anymore pictures?" so I restrained myself. At least we got a couple of good ones. My precious baby is growing up!

xo, Gladys


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