Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Magical Lavender Fog

Here's a closer look at what I wore to the Ilona Andrews book event in San Diego over the weekend. Notice my new haircut? I was SOOO happy to see my stylist again last week. (Also, she's pregnant, and it was great to see her doing well.) I've decided to grow out my bangs and they are at that annoying-and-awkward stage where I can't trim them too much or I'll have to restart at square one, yet they always seem to be in my eyes. At least I was able to have the rest of my hair cut pretty short, and once again I am reminded how much I prefer it this length, just down to my jaw.

Top: Tommy Hilfiger (hand-me-down from Mom) | Capri jeans: Sonoma via Kohl's | Shoes: Fluevog Angela (ON SALE)

I also got to wear my new maryjane Fluevogs for the first time. Since I figured we wouldn't be doing a ton of walking, I decided it was a good day to start breaking them in. I used foot-length insoles and they worked wonderfully for me since the shoes are slightly big. (My right foot was a little more smushed because it's larger, but it wasn't too noticeable.) Because I wore the shoes for over 12 hours, the soles of my feet felt a little raw when I took them off that night, but I do believe wearing them for a whole day went a long way toward breaking them in. The leather on these shoes is pretty firm, so there is indeed a break-in period for them.

Anyway, they were the perfect shoes to accompany me to a store called Mysterious Galaxy, which specializes in fantasy and science fiction. The lavender and silvery-gray look like magical fog, don't you think? What fun shoes for a fun day!

xo, Gladys

P.S. Today is my husband's birthday, and tomorrow my 5-year-old starts big-kid school! What a huge week for us. Happy birthday to my dear one, and good luck to us on the first day of school. I'm as nervous as if I was the one starting.


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