Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Shoes: Fluevog Prepares

Unlike Christmases of years past, I knew exactly what I wanted this last December. When my husband asked me for my list, I told him one thing: new Fluevogs from the semi-annual sale in January. It would be a few weeks' wait after Christmas, but I was very patient. I did get some thoughtful stocking stuffers from him during the holidays, but once the Fluevog sale opened the first week of this month, I set to making my final decision. It took another couple of weeks before I made up my mind. However, before going to the Fluevog store on Melrose, I cross-checked at Amazon like I usually do and found that Amazon was selling my top choice (and in my size) for about $30 cheaper, free shipping. While I love my "dealer" Shawn, I couldn't ask my hubby to spend way more on the shoes. Anyway, they came in the mail last week. BEHOLD, my new Volunteer slouch boots from the Prepare family:

I've wanted these boots in this particular color (burnt orange) since they came out in Fall 2011. So glad they went on sale (the other colors did not, presumably because black and gray boots are more popular colorways). These will be great for the rest of the California winter, but they will also be PERFECT for the spring. And hey, they look cute under jeans, too. The silhouette of the heels is just so arresting.

I love my husband! :-)

xo, Gladys


  1. Gorgeous! And you didn't have to get them stretched. That means they were made just for you:) Sigh. I wish they made them big enough to house my legs:(

  2. yes, these were surprisingly comfy when i tried them on at the store. i think my legs are atrophying, actually. ugh! (my wishful thinking is that it's the workout i get periodically from going up and down the stairs in our new place. but i don't really think so. :-/)


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