Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sewing: Adjustable Unisex Apron

My husband is now modeling something that I made for him. This apron was for his recent birthday, and I thought that it was lucky that I came upon the pattern for it just in the nick of time. It's another FREE pattern (yay!), this time from The Purl Bee. I didn't have access to the super-nice fabric they used, but I thought that the striped outdoor home-dec canvas fabric that I got at Jo-Ann's on clearance was pretty great. For the pocket, I got a lovely chenille, also on clearance.

My process notes:
  • The pattern is easy and quick to make. The only edit I did was to topstitch an unnecessary line to connect the diagonal stitches, just for looks, since I used a light-colored thread that made all the stitches prominent. I kind of like the visible stitching, actually; I want to try something like that for another project later on.
  • I tried a heavier cotton webbing (like the kind you'd use for a cloth belt) to make the strap, but the only color available to me was a bright white, and that just looked bad with the other colors. The ecru cotton twill I ended up with isn't as sturdy but it will do. It's easily replaceable if necessary.
  • I'm glad I remembered to switch to a heavier needle (16/100). The fabrics were a little more difficult to press/iron than the quilt-weight woven fabrics that I usually work with, but sewing the heavier fabrics was quite easy as they stayed put better.
  • The pattern is supposed to fit shorter folks (according to the pattern maker), but at 5'1" I definitely couldn't wear this apron without looking stupid, and also have it function properly. It is WAY too big on me, and the pockets are around my thighs or something. Uh-uh.... This pattern could be edited down pretty easily, BUT it's perfect for my 5'11" hubby as is! Just an FYI. :-)

xo, Gladys


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