Thursday, July 19, 2012

Garden: An OMG Harvest

After yesterday's post on the garden, I wanted to share this photo of the most recent harvesting. My friend M and I harvested the garden yesterday and we ended up with a ridiculous amount of beautiful tomatoes -- all three varieties, Best Boy, Early Girl, and Roma. I also picked some green bell peppers because they were so big, they were practically begging to be picked and subsequently sliced and fried up or stuffed with seasoned ground beef and cheese. (My stomach just interrupted to say "Mmmmmmmmm...")

I knew there were a lot of tomatoes, but I had no idea how many. And we didn't even get them all. (And some we even threw right into the compost bin because they were overripe or split open.) There are still bunches close to the ground, underneath layers and layers of foliage and still-green tomatoes on the vines. For fear of getting bitten by spiders, lizards, or other creatures down there, we let those bottom tomatoes alone. Our hands thanked us.

xo, Gladys


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