Monday, September 12, 2011

House Hunting

I didn't mean to start a new blog while house hunting. I had been planning the blog for several months before I actually started posting, and indeed I could have kept it in the planning stage indefinitely while we worked on finding a house and then moving. But I suppose, since fall for me usually signals the return to industriousness, I subconsciously felt it would be perfectly fine to load my plate with big projects simultaneously. Hence the following outfit photos in which I am in the process of looking at houses.

Dress and top: Old Navy; Shoes: indigo by Clarks via Amazon ("Bordeaux" sandal); Purse: TJ Maxx

I really like this simple outfit. I love the way the skirt flows around my legs, and these indigo by Clarks sandals turned out to be my favorite go-to summer shoes. It's an easy casual outfit to throw on after a quick shower, but I think that the low-cut back of the top gives it an edge and makes it dressy enough for a birthday party in the park. Or for looking decent while house hunting. :-)

(While we saw four houses that day, it turns out that these photos are of the same house. My husband didn't happen to take any usable photos of the other houses with me in them. By the way, we passed on this house. Although it's situated in a very nice neighborhood and has some very nice details like the stairs leading down to the pool, there were just a few too many things that made us uncomfortable about the house itself that couldn't be fixed in an affordable manner, the privacy of the backyard being one of them: anyone walking on the sidewalk outside can peek in through the wrought-iron fence and watch you swimming in the pool! Eek!)

xo, Gladys


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