Friday, September 30, 2011

Kid Birthday Party

I recently attended my nephew's 2nd birthday party and wore another homemade skirt. I was a little overdressed, but it was fun to dress up and show off my growing skills in the sewing department. It took over 12 hours of labor over the course of a couple of weeks (I wasn't able to work on it for days at a time), but I finally finished it last week. I sewed a zipper, y'all! I made pleats! And I successfully trimmed the pattern to accommodate my short legs. ;-) The thing is, the pattern I used, McCALL'S M5856, says "Easy" on the package -- but that is not true! Not for true beginners, in my opinion. I mean, besides the zipper and pleats, I had to learn how to slipstitch and tack. I didn't even know what those things meant. That's partly why it took me so long: I had to do research in the midst of piecing and sewing.

But anyway, I'll stop complaining. It was a good learning experience in the end. Despite all the mistakes and an embarrassingly-heavy reliance on my trusty seam ripper, I think the skirt turned out nicely. :-) It did end up too big for me at the waist even though I was worried during construction that it would be too small, but a belt helped out with that. Such pretty colors and pattern! (I just need to wear it with a more flattering top next time. And hello, where is my neck?!)

Top: LOFT; Skirt: Made by me; Belt: Kohl's; Shoes: Fluevog Barkerville (GetUp family)

Bonus photos not just of my neck, but more importantly of a one-year-old girl wearing an adorable German-inspired dress hand-sewn by her aunt! Look at the mushrooms on her skirt! And the lace! This girl's mom also found the coordinating leggings via eBay. Perfect pattern- and color-mixing. I'm inspired!

xo, Gladys


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