Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blue and Orange at Brunch

This is what I wore to celebrate my mom's birthday. We went to a fancy brunch buffet that she loves, Castaway in Burbank. The restaurant is situated on the Par 3 of a golf course way up in the hills, and the view of the valley below is pretty spectacular.

Dress: Style & Co. via Macy's | Cardi: Cherry Knit USA via ModCloth | Tights: Sockdreams | Boots: Fluevog Volunteer (Prepare family)

I bought this dress online last winter and have worn it maybe once or twice. I think the weather last year warmed up pretty quickly soon after the purchase. Now, however, is the perfect time to wear it in this desert climate. After the lingering summer heat, we basically skipped fall weather and landed in winter. The dress is warm and very comfortable, and I like how the shift style can be dressed up or down. And hey, it's got pockets, not to mention some nice button accents. I almost wore it with a different pair of Fluevog clogs, my lovely blue Guide sandals (see here), but I'm glad that I changed my mind. It would have been too matchy-matchy and formal; instead the gorgeous boots kept things a little more casual, and it worked because the blue of the dress was neutral enough for the contrasting bright color (like wearing the boots with jeans).

Here's a family photo. My mom, seated with my kiddo on her lap, was really happy that day, as you can see. :-) I'm holding one of the twins, N, and my sister-in-law is holding her other twin son, R. (Does she look like she's barely had any sleep? I couldn't tell. She's still glowing!) Anyway, those two baby boys are humongous now after only 7 weeks of life. It was wonderful to hang out with them and hold them all day after the yummy brunch.

Here's my little family. It's not a very good portrait -- the sun was pretty bright and the kiddo was restless -- but it's the best one we have of the three of us that day. All in all, a great way to spend Sunday.

xo, Gladys

P.S. Another happy coincidence with this month's Everybody, Everywear theme: BOOTS!

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  1. 1. I love the color of your boots.

    2. Your family is adorable. (: So many little ones!

    1. thank you x2 for the very kind comments! i love my family, and being the aunt to new baby twins has been lovely.

      as for the boots, it's the boldest color of shoe i own, and i have several in pastels and red. they say orange is a "gateway" color. :-)


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