Saturday, April 14, 2012


So, yeah, the TARDIS cover for the iPhone 4 that I mentioned two weeks ago arrived in the mail on Thursday. It's even cooler in person, although the blue is a little paler than I expected. The kit comes with a hard case as well as vinyl stickers for both the front and back (not sure why there's a sticker for the back since the hard case has the design on it as well, but at least this way you can keep the back of your iPhone clean). AND you're also given online access to the custom-sized image which you can then set as your wallpaper. (I set it as both my lock screen and home screen images.)


Lock screen

Home screen

Back of the hard case; you can see the vinyl cover peeking out from the hole provided for the camera lens/flash

Looking at my iPhone now seriously makes the Doctor Who fangirl in me happy. I'd been searching for a DW product to integrate into my daily life somehow, like, say, a talking TARDIS cookie jar. (!) But this TARDIS phone cover is perfect, and it's an enormous improvement over the previous covers I've used -- a generic purple soft cover that I got tired of and then a generic gray hard case that blended into everything so I lost track of the phone all the time. In case you were interested, I just checked on Etsy and it looks like the kit I bought is no longer available, but perhaps it's possible to convo SkunkWraps and ask if they can make it for you. Anyway, kudos to SkunkWraps!

xo, Gladys


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