Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Disco Saturday

This party was basically a continuation of the previous day's disco dancing, but with way more kids running around. It was also a little colder than the day before, but we had lots of fun anyway. :-)

Since my husband was also at the party and had the 'nice' (i.e., not iPhone) camera with him, I ended up with some good photos of the dancing and decorations this time around. Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to take photos of my whole outfit in good light before the party. You win some, you lose some, I guess. Here I am with the ladies, when it was already dark (and my hair was doing I-don't-know-what):

Dress: Hello Miss via ModCloth | Belt: from a Dress Barn dress | Wedge heels: Fluevog Raquel, Pindown family via Amazon

I was happy to finally wear a pair of Fluevogs that had been languishing in my closet since last summer. I hope they make at least a few more appearances this year. They're rather tall but more comfortable than you'd expect. They worked well with the dress, not just the neutral light gray color but also the variegated stripes on the wooden wedge heel (see below). As for the dress, I purchased it sight-unseen from ModCloth during their "Stylish Surprise" sale in March, $15 for a surprise dress in the size I chose. When I got it, I loved the retro colors but had no idea what to wear it for ... but then this disco party came up and it turned out to be perfect! It's nicely lined and, even though it's a tad too slim-fitting for my comfort, at least it had the kind of neckline that doesn't gape when I bend over. Sweet.

Pindown | Raquel (Fluevog stock photo)

Me and my husband being silly. The sun was a little too bright here, but I asked him to pose like that so you could see the floral under-cuffs of his striped dress shirt (which came from Goodwill). Oh, and he grew those sideburns just for the party. :-)

Teaching the kiddo (center) the Saturday Night Fever Line Dance to the tune of "Night Fever." Here's the tutorial.

Disco ball in the light of the full moon

Awesome laser lights and nighttime barefoot dancing outdoors

xo, Gladys

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