Monday, May 27, 2013

Disco Friday

Dress: Ladakh via ModCloth | Maryjane heels: Fluevog Qtees (exact) (black/ivory on sale)

Happy Memorial Day to those of you who celebrate the holiday in the U.S.!

Over the weekend, my dear friend E rented a dance floor and a little tent and had a disco party. It was primarily for her daughter's 8th birthday, but she had friends over for a three-day dance party series, starting Friday night. She might have more people over later today to celebrate the holiday. It seemed a shame not to take advantage of that dance floor and all of the disco decorations, lights, and music!

The costume theme, being disco, was of course the 1970s. I was in a rush that day, trying to help get the food out and the place decorated, so I didn't get a chance to fix up my hair or makeup that well before coming over to E's house. The shape of my dress wasn't that retro, either, but I thought the stripes and the gorgeous ankle-strap Fluevogs were within parameters. And I do love both of these items. You've seen the shoes several times already (1 | 2 | 3). The dress (bought on clearance for a ridiculous price) is excellently constructed with a nice substantial fabric. Both the cap sleeves and the waist band are a little snug but neither impeded movement very much, and both features along with the well-placed darts provide the kind of structured look that I love. There is an exposed zipper at the back that adds to the retro styling. It was fun to run around and dance in both the dress and shoes.

Here I am with my fellow mamas/hot ladies. They rocked the heck out of the disco theme. And I ... well, I obviously love my pockets. And the dancing was fun, even though the weather was windy and a little cold (my fully-lined dress helped keep me warm). More tomorrow on what I wore Saturday. :-)

If you're celebrating the holiday today, I hope you're enjoying barbecue and cocktails, poolside, and/or relaxing. Cheers!

xo, Gladys

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