Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Snapshots: May

Getting his hair cut summer-short

Camera shy

Kiddo with his Bear-Bear (BB for short)

Potted cilantro

Tiny bird's nest with playdough eggs

BLT (no bread) topped with homemade olive oil mayo

Delicious pineapple cut Filipino-style by my mom

Big box of sweet, organic nectarines

Finally, I have to include some photos of our super-fun Memorial holiday pool party. These were taken with the hubby's new (bought used) waterproof Pentax camera. Our verdict? It is one great camera. (Plus, it is conveniently small and takes videos, too!)

Dragon rider (a couple of water drops on the lens, oops)

Inner tube rider

I couldn't help myself. That thing was cool!

Spa fun

Roasting s'mores

Gooey goodness

xo, Gladys


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