Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Snapshots: June

This was such a busy month! Here are my favorite snapshots from June:

Spa time (with ill-fitting goggles)

Santa Monica beach (photo credit S.K.)

Burrito (photo credit S.K.)


Umbrella play on a hot Father's Day

Dear friend S's new baby boy

Closeup of sweet baby A

Beautiful vintage sitting area at the new local museum (we couldn't tell if it was part of an exhibit or not)

Sculpture of an antelope that reminded me of Miyazaki films

New aquarium fish -- lemon tetras

Paleo macadamia brownies from this recipe

Chomping on a brownie (if this photo looks familiar, here's why -- scroll down to the penultimate pic)

Homemade birthday card with the kiddo

Another homemade birthday card

Kitty hiding in plain sight (what a messy house)

Yummy meatloaf "cupcake" in silicone liner

Summer is just rushing by. Have a great weekend and I'll have a tutorial for you on Monday (in July!).

xo, Gladys


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