Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Haircut

I know I was complaining about my hair, so I finally got another haircut on Friday. I didn't realize how much I missed short bangs. I took this photo soon afterward, when my hair was still conditioned and styled nicely. I washed it the next day and didn't bother to fix it up since I was getting in the pool later in the day. I wanted to share this before my next post, so you'd believe that I actually went to a talented and experienced hair stylist rather than that I sawed it off myself with with a blunt kitchen knife. Pool water is so hard on one's hair.

By the way, the little bit of shirt that you see is J.Crew from last year, and I loved the style so much -- stripes, drapey good-quality cotton, wide neck, functional buttons all the way down the back that always make other women comment how much they like the shirt -- that I bought it in four different colors (it was on sale). Because of the interesting style, the shirt kicks up my usual uniform of tee and shorts/pants/capris a notch. They are the perfect summer wear. (It's technically still spring, but we effectively entered summer the beginning of June here. It's hot!)

ETA: Here's another recent photo of me before the haircut wearing the same-style J.Crew top, this time with olive green stripes. You can see the shape here (next time I'll take a photo of the back buttons).

We went to Santa Monica beach last weekend with some friends. The weather was sunny but not too hot, and the water was actually not too cold. Fun day.

xo, Gladys


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