Monday, August 20, 2012

Fluevog Love on Melrose

Last week, before my dear friend M and I made our way to the Regina Spektor concert together, I had the great pleasure of introducing her to the Fluevog store on Melrose Avenue. (I hadn't been to the Melrose location for almost a year, and I found out that my favorite "dealer" Shawn had gotten himself a new gig as senior sales associate at the newest Fluevog store located all the way in Washington, D.C.! I was sad that I didn't get to say goodbye but am very happy for him. In any case, the equally-awesome Keith helped us out that afternoon.) M had been drooling over my Fluevog shoe collection for a long while now, and it was finally time for her to try on some shoes and see if she fell in love.

And no surprise, she did. :-)

It was a little surreal to watch M try on shoe after shoe. I kept having flashbacks to my own first experience with Fluevog. She was dancing and hopping around and positively giddy. It was so fun to watch her, and the best part was knowing that she'd be getting a pair of her own since her birthday was coming up. (I'd make sure of it, of course!)

She tried on what must have been 20 pairs and narrowed it down to the three that she could see herself wearing often in the Fall. Here are some that we both tried on. Scroll to the end to see which pair she finally chose, and for links to the shoes shown above.

(Click on the photos to see the shoes on the Fluevog website.)

M said these were really comfy. They were on her final list.

A particularly-beautiful pair on M's final list

Surprisingly, these were in a size 5 and they actually fit me! These, in the Melrose store, are the only pair of this style in this size (in the whole world?). However, they're a little too specialized for my wardrobe (I'm not ready for sparkly shoes, I guess) and I also couldn't justify buying them at full price when I still have another pair on layaway. Still, they are gorgeous.

M felt about these the way I felt about the Attention: Paris -- too specialized for her wardrobe. She wouldn't get enough wear out of them to justify the price, BUT they are truly beautiful shoes.

These looked AMAZING on M. But yeah, they're more fantasy shoes than everyday shoes.

[ETA 8/23/12: They're called Sharanpal and are now available online!] These new Miracles are seriously beautiful shoes. Like, drool-worthy. They're basically the Meera but in a black leather-on-black suede colorway and with the maryjane strap. Unfortunately for me, they run true to size ... which means that because the smallest size is a 6, they're a tad too big for me (I'm a true size 5.5). Even the strap wasn't enough to keep my feet in.

See? Gorgeous.

M definitely loved these Miracle maryjanes, but they didn't make the cut.

TA-DA! These were the third pair on M's final list, and these are the ones she finally chose. She couldn't stop dancing in them and did not want to take them off. I totally understand, because the first pair of Fluevogs that made me feel that way were also red ankle boots in the Operetta family ... which is probably the most comfortable family in all of Fluevog-dom! (And Cecilia Bartoli is actually one of my favorite mezzo-soprano singers!) Anyway, because they were full price, she had to put them on layaway ... but I and another of our friends are going to contribute to the layaway payments for M's upcoming birthday. :-) It was all in all a successful trip (and yay, I managed to refrain from getting MYSELF yet another pair. My wallet thanks me profusely)!

She also tried on and really liked:

Prepare: Guide in blue (which I have and love and have worn here and here and here and here ... you get the idea)
Prepare: Tailor in brown
Writes: Simone in wine (I actually wanted her to get these. They looked fantastic on her. Sorry no photo!)
Attention: Jolie in gray
Attention: Paris in black
Perfect: Splendid in black
World: Nzame in white and brown
Operetta: Malibran in red

xo, Gladys


  1. I'm still loving my Bartoli's and I'm secure in the knowledge that I'll love them forever. They definitely love me back since they're so comfy. But, REALLY, who cares about comfort when they are so shout-from-the-rooftops gorgeous? ... ok, well, apparently I do and I am just really happy they are some hardworking boots that effortlessly do both. People look at me when I wear these and the looks are not the usual, bored, I happened to block their line of sight looks, but "who's that?" and "what're those?!" kinda looks :)

    With great gratitude for my instigating forever friend,

    1. yes! i'm an instigator! i love stories about fluevogs getting comments/looks from random strangers. because it happens all the time to anyone who wears his shoes. i've gotten almost used to it, but if you think about it, it's actually pretty neat how they can reach across to other people like that. that's what art does, i guess! and the bartolis are definitely a piece of art. <3


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