Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Vintage-y Leaves and Cutouts

Wow, another outfit post! With the two from last week, I'm on a roll (sort of). :-D

Top: Banana Republic | Jeans: GAP | Oxfords: Fluevog (Radio family: CBC)

I wore this outfit several days ago to see some old grad school friends in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. I thought it would be appropriate to put a vintage-looking filter on the pic since I feel the outfit could have worked in the 1970s -- I just needed a higher waist on the jeans. The filter makes it look like the sun was pretty mild that day, but nope, it was pretty bright. You might have noticed that I'm squinting a little in the pic...?

Here's the outfit in natural lighting, without the filter:

I love this top. Looking at these photos, I think I should get high-waisted jeans at some point. Just to complete the outfit.

Anyway, since I was bringing the kiddo with me, I wanted to wear something comfortable and easy just in case I had to do some chasing or running away on the streets. (Ha!) Hence these shoes, which are both gorgeous and "runnable" (is that a word?). Turns out that I had to drag the little guy around to get him to walk anywhere since he got a hold of my iPhone and wouldn't relinquish it. In between playing game after game on my phone, he decided all of a sudden that he loved taking photos of random things in the street. He also took quite a few candids of me and my friends. Which was pretty cool. Scroll down for examples from my 4-year-old's first photo shoot as the photographer!

He seemed to have a thing for shoes ... takes after his mother, I guess? :-)

This last one obviously wasn't taken by the kiddo, but it's one of my favorite photos of our outing. What a silly guy.

xo, Gladys


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