Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More Fluevog Love: Melrose

I started off my month right by visiting the Fluevog store on Melrose over the weekend and picking up my new Elizabeths! Thanks so much to my hubby for taking care of the last layaway payment as part of my anniversary/Xmas gift. Woohoo! I will definitely be sharing more of those shoes in later posts. I found out that I did the right thing by buying the green colorway in my size immediately (or rather putting it on layaway immediately) since the Melrose store has completely sold out of all their green pairs TWICE already. (Yes, their second shipment this season is all out of the green pairs.) I'm glad they didn't turn into the shoes "that got away." I would have felt really terrible.

But of course I couldn't leave the store without trying on more shoes. I didn't go completely crazy, yet I still found more pairs to put on my ever-expanding wishlist. I have to say, the lineup this fall has been particularly fantastic. And all the green shoes are making me happy, from the Elizabeth to the Kathryn and Kanawa and to the pairs below.

(Click on the photos to see the shoes on the Fluevog website.)

Love the colorway and the fit! I am a Radio fan. I love my purple PRI's and white CBC's and want yet another Radio in my life (and more). These ARD's are size 6, which is just about right for me since Radios run 1/2 size small.

Inner calf/zipper view of the ARD's

More beautiful green shoes! These Chapots are lovely and feel wonderful on my feet. These are the first in the Adriana family that I've tried on. The family runs true to size so the size 6 is a little big, but for ankle boots that buckle like this that's just fine. I can't get over the shape of this boot!

These are lovely but unfortunately too loose. They come in the same green as the Chapot (above), but this brown is a lovely warm colorway as well.

I tried on the Gracias again in size 5.5 and they are indeed too loose. This family runs at least 1/2 size large so I would need these in a size 5 (which is no longer available). I'm not a big fan of the plain black, either. This pair is currently the last size 5.5 in the company, btw. 

I tried this size 5 pair of the Promise, and it feels wonderful. I wish it came in a different colorway, though. I have a couple pairs of Hopes in size 6 and have to admit that they're large for my feet. Now that they're making some Hope styles in the smaller sizes, I think I'm ready to let go of at least one of my size 6 pairs.

I finally tried on the electric blue Rosy. These are GORGEOUS but sadly too big in the size 6. I was wrong about my previous assessment of the Hopeful family running 1/2 size small. They're more true to size. Even the Luxons are a little loose, although their woven maryjane straps keep my feet in pretty well. I can't say the same for the Rosy, though. :-(

Another view of these amazing boots. Check out that matching blue on the heel tips!

xo, Gladys


  1. Ahem. Please copy and post "For the Love of Vogs." Thanks!

  2. Replies
    1. woo-hoo! congratulations on the beautiful shoes (and on finishing your first semester)! excellent choice ... and now i'm really jealous. ;-)


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