Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Shoes: Fluevog Radios

Sorry it's been a while since I posted. You know how it is with the end of the year (a friend likes to call it "holidaze"). And to be honest, I'm still deeply affected by the horrible school shooting in Connecticut that happened mid-December. It's been making me think really hard about the kind of world that I want my son to grow up in, and what I can do to make that world a reality. That's no easy task, and this season has in some ways been really bittersweet. But I've also decided to embrace happiness where and when it can be found. Not to numb me or to make me complacent once again, but to remember what I want to fight to make a reality for my child and other people's children. So let me just share with you some things that have been making me happy. Mindful happiness. After all, that's what this blog space has always been about.

These new Fluevog boots were purchased on clearance after I tried them on at the Melrose store in early December. I wasn't even looking for more boots, but I do love the Radio family. This style is called RTP, and it's black suede with a gray strap at the instep. Sadly Fluevog only has them left in size 6, but if you're a true size 5.5 US (they run 1/2 size small), then I'd say go for it.

Click on the image to go to the website.

I've already worn the boots several times this month, and even under jeans they make me feel put together and happy to be wearing them. They're not difficult to take on and off, so I don't worry even if I'm going to a house where I have to take off my shoes. :-)

On this particular day, I wore the boots to Hollywood/L.A. to have lunch at a Peruvian restaurant and sing karaoke with a couple of favorite people I've known for over ten years. It was a lovely outing, and the boots were great for walking the city streets on a cold but sunny L.A. day.

Top: C.C. Couture (hand-me-down from my mom) | Jeans: GAP | Boots: Fluevog RTP (Radio family)

And if you're interested in more Fluevog styles, you're in luck! Their half-yearly sale is going on RIGHT NOW, and there are some truly gorgeous shoes from the Fall season on sale, like these, these, and these. And so much more. I swear, if I had all the money in the world ... but alas.

xo, Gladys


  1. I LOVE this top! It's so cute and of course, goes well with the boots. I swear I'm the only member of the Flue that doesn't own a pair of Radios. Le sigh. Ahem. When will you post on the Vog blog?! Our readers need to see these amazing outfits you've been posting!

    1. the best thing about the top is that it is pure silk, so it feels delicious on. i figured it was expensive since my mom wore it for work, but this was the first time i'd ever worn it even though she gave it to me a year or two ago. i sure missed out.

      anyway, yeah, i know i'm behind on posting. i've been in blogging doldrums ... but once my schedule gets back to normal (i.e., all the family gatherings stop), i'll be able to get back into writing regularly. thanks for looking out for me, dear! xoxo


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