Sunday, December 2, 2012

Green, Cream, and Some Holiday Cheer

Holiday crafting (and snacking)

Over the weekend, we went to the children's holiday party that my husband's company puts together every year. There's crafting at the beginning and then Santa comes out for a photo op. People have to line up, of course, but it beats waiting in a huge line at the mall. Plus all of the kids get a big present specific to their age and gender (the gender part bugs me, though). This year, my four-and-a-half-year-old got a Batman and motorcycle Bat-Pod toy that he loved to open and put together. With the push of some buttons, it shoots a little orange missile and the "pod" part flips open to reveal Batman. We don't really get him toys like that on a regular basis -- we do mostly LEGO, Plan Toys, and Hot Wheels in this family -- so it's always nice for him to get different things. Last year it was a battery-powered Zhu Zhu pet that delivered pizza off of a conveyor belt. Fancy!

Here is my whole outfit for the party. I got into the season of things by adding the cardigan.

Top: Comme Toi via ModCloth | Cardi: Ya Los Angeles via ModCloth | Skinny jeans: a.n.a. via JC Penney | Socks: Gold Toe via Target | Flats: Fluevog Amie (Integrity family)

Last fall it was purple, and this year my fall color is definitely green. Along with the Fluevog Elizabeth and two green dresses for the holidays, this green cardigan was a must-buy for me. Not only did I like the color and style, but the fabric is really soft and provides a good amount of warmth for fall weather.

I often feel like I'm dressing up whenever I wear Fluevogs to anything. It's partly why I love Fluevogs so much, that feeling of effortlessly kicking things up a notch. At this annual kids' holiday party, I have in years past felt self-conscious about wearing Fluevogs, even one of my low-key pairs of oxfords (though admittedly the pair in question is in a fantastic cobalt-and-brown colorway), because it's the kids who are supposed to dress up and not their parents. But this year, I loved being able to wear casual flats with this outfit while also feeling that cozy Fluevog happiness inside. I bought the Amies on sale not too long after the Qtees but you might have noticed the lack of fanfare on this blog (no special post for it, for example). It's because I felt they were too casual to be that interesting, and I also thought they were more flimsy than other Fluevog styles, but these shoes have stealthily won me over. They add some bright color to my everyday outfits. Here's a closeup.

They're actually a lot more durable than I first thought. (The review by "Kathy Woodman" here helped me make the decision to buy them.) They are pretty, obviously well made, and very comfortable. Cozy Fluevog happiness indeed.

xo, Gladys


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