Monday, September 30, 2013

Floral Circle Skirt

I have been wearing nice(-ish) outfits lately! Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to post them here until now. Settling into my son's school schedule + nonstop reading + weekly workout regimen have taken up lots of energy. It's easier for me to just veg out with a book at night than to process photos and upload them. BUT I'll try to put up more outfit posts before the weather gets really cold and it looks weird that I'm posting about wearing summer dresses in the middle of October.

Speaking of which, it's October tomorrow! It's almost Halloween and I have no clue what to do for my costume. Very different situation than last year. Is it finally time to get back into sewing?

Dress: Ginger Lamb via ModCloth | Cardi: GAP | Shoes: Fluevog Amie via Amazon
Anyway, I really, really like this dress. It's all cotton and quite comfortable. (I just need to iron the bodice fold.) The twirly circle skirt is also lined, which is why it looks so full. What luxury! I'm loving it with the cardigan. I wore this outfit to have a sushi dinner -- hence the indoor nighttime photos, sorry -- with one of my favorite people, MP, who recently got a new job. (Woohoo! It's only part-time, but this is BIG; she's been looking for a long time and finally has a foot in the door to her chosen career. I'm so excited for her!)

Here's what the dress looks like without the cardi. Check out the pockets and shirred back. :-) As you can see, it's actually a summer dress, but the muted reds and blues are perfect for the fall. Add a warm pair of navy tights with the cardigan and it'll even work for the wintertime here in Southern California. Purchased at ModCloth during their 70% off summer sale a month or so ago. Win!

xo, Gladys


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