Friday, September 20, 2013

Goodbye, Summer 2013

The weather here has cooled off a bit this past week -- a welcome change -- and it reminded me that summer will officially end this weekend (tomorrow, to be exact). I know I haven't been posting very much lately, but the last month of summer didn't go completely undocumented. I spent a lot of time with family (and friends, too, although I don't have many photos with them). Here are some of my favorite shots. SPOILER: Babies and cutie-pie kiddos galore!

My sister-in-law, my mom, and my delicious twin nephews

My kiddo's new trick and new souvenir tee shirt from his maternal grandmother (she went on a Scandinavia/Baltic Sea cruise)

The kiddo beating on a cloud piƱata -- go get 'em!!

Delicious nephew napping on his dad, my brother

The twins again -- these two are not identical, but you can DEFINITELY tell that they're brothers.

Part of my growing family at Oxnard State Beach Park. Missing from the photo are myself, my husband, my mom, and my parents-in-law.

My favorite photo of me with not only my godson, who totally killed it with this pose, but also my Doctor Who paraphernalia (see the top of the TARDIS peeking out of my hand and my shirt?) LOL

Playing hilarious water games at my twin second cousins' (twin nieces') birthday party

The lovely bell peppers are from our backyard garden; the rest of the produce is from our CSA box.

A fantastic homemade meal with my mom and older sister: crab cake with tartar sauce, and crab-and-lobster omelet

Paleo chocolate cake with chocolate icing for my dear friend MP's (belated) birthday. We celebrated on Labor Day, and yes, I made this! It was yummy, but I'll note that the icing melts FAST in summer heat. Recipe here. I doubled it to make two layers.

xo, Gladys


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