Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Array

Last week, E, MP, and I miraculously managed to once-again go out of town for a fun hangout, though this time with kids. We drove to Valencia and visited some shops at the big mall there. Here we are at Banana Republic, having too much fun with a very well-dressed, albeit headless, male mannequin. You'll notice that, once again, it's all about BLUE for me! (I did, however, purchase a very lovely orange-and-gray striped cardigan on sale.)

Dress: via ModCloth | Scarf: unknown | Boots: Fluevog Discovery (exact ON SALE 40% off)
E is wearing her new Fluevog boots with one of the dresses from my closet. She fills out the dress so much better than I ever did, and it looks great with her coloring. The reds really stand out, and catch the deep mahogany tones of her hair. This is a lovely fall ensemble. When I first saw her, with that braided updo and sophisticated makeup, I thought she looked like a Golden-Age Hollywood star!

I have no idea what brands MP is wearing, but I love the whole outfit. Very refreshing but also warm enough for the cooler weather. It's a great transitional outfit, combining spring colors with fall textures. And those jeans look damn good on her. :-)

Top: Comme Toi via ModCloth | Jeans: GAP | Shoes: Fluevog Promise (exact)
Here I am staring lovingly at my blue shoes. I know, two outfits in a row with these shoes. But did you notice that 1) this is actually my third outfit post in a row that features blue shoes, and 2) I got a haircut? (Extra brownie points if you noticed the second, since this photo doesn't show the cut that well.) I really like the top, which I got from ModCloth's recent end-of-summer sale. The bright cobalt color and interesting sleeves save it from looking like a plain t-shirt. And I do like the material, which is a nice, thick, stretchy cotton that doesn't cling too closely. I have to say, though, I'm very glad that I've been doing yoga the past few months; otherwise I probably would have shelved the top for a while. Don't my man(nequin) and I look good together with our blue outfits? ;-)

Cobalt Wool Coat at Banana Republic
Speaking of cobalt blue, we tried on an AMAZING cobalt blue jacket/coat that looked good on all three of us. It looked even better all zipped up. And Banana is having a 40% off sale (in stores and online) that ends TODAY. I'd be sorely tempted if I hadn't just bought new shoes. If you want to add gorgeous color to a neutral winter wardrobe, I suggest getting this jacket (and then please send me a photo so I can live vicariously through you!).

xo, Gladys


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