Friday, October 4, 2013

Misty Purple and Jewel Toned Stripes

Dress: Ladakh via ModCloth | Shoes: Fluevog Angela (7th Heaven family)

The requisite hands-in-pocket photo, just to show you the dress has pockets :-)

There are more photos in this post than strictly necessary, but as I've noted before, I tend to post more photos when I especially like the outfit, simple as it is. I like both the dress and shoes very much. I blogged about the dress earlier this year in the spring, but the current photos are more true to life in terms of the colors. Last spring, we took the photos in harsh sunlight; this time around, the midday light was milder and thus better for photographing. (Also, I don't have my hands in my pockets in all of these photos like I did in the spring pix!)

I paired the dress with my new-ish Fluevogs, the Angela maryjanes (which I've also blogged about previously). I love how well they match, the purples, grays, and blacks. The purple and gray stripes on the dress aren't solid, but more like heather lavender and heather gray, which echo the swirly purple-and-gray of the shoes. It's a sufficiently-different look than when I wore the dress with my burgundy Fluevog Mini heels, and indeed wearing flats toned down the dressiness, which is exactly what I wanted.

I wore the outfit to my twin nephews' first birthday party last weekend. Aren't they delicious?? The theme of the party was Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which is sooooo perfect because my nephews are big eaters! And my sister-in-law hand-sewed those adorable personalized t-shirts. So cool!

It was a lot of fun, and OMG there was so much food. I definitely overdosed on carbs and sugar, which I'm still paying for this week. Yikes. (If anyone ever tells you that sugar and carbs aren't addictive substances, either they haven't really thought that carefully about it or they're lying! Or maybe they're one of the few lucky people on the planet who really don't like sweet things. lol)

And here's a last photo of the painted frog on my forearm. There was a face-painter at the party who looked a little bored, so I went over to get painted. But since I didn't want the paint on my face, my arm was a good substitute. I almost got a panda, but I thought this froggy was fun, even though from far away it looked like an old tattoo. The littles thought it was cool, though. :-)

xo, Gladys


  1. I just wanted to drop in and say I love your blog -- especially your outfits! And those shoes! I'm starting m vog collection (still in baby stages) and I found you! Now you make me want to search for more! Haha

    1. hi kat! welcome! and i am so excited to hear about you and your growing vog collection. what do you have so far?? if you have any questions on sizing, getting deals, etc. on fluevogs, do let me know! you can shoot me an email, leave a comment here, and also make use of the collective fluevog sisterhood on the For the Love of Vogs blog! :-))


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