Friday, October 4, 2013

PSA: Fluevog Sale on Amazon! [ENDED]

I JUST found out about this sale on Fluevogs and lots of other brands (and handbags) at Amazon, and I had to share immediately because I don't know how long the sale will last. It's a whopping 30% off the newest Fall styles of Fluevogs, some of which probably won't go on sale during the January winter sale. If you're worried about your size running out (like I am, since they don't make many in the smallest and the largest sizes), this might be a good time to invest. I have a feeling I will, but I'm going to sleep on it ... hopefully the sale won't be over tomorrow!

You'll need to enter the promo code 30OFF100 during checkout.

* * *

The 10 men's Fluevog styles are here (or click on the photo).

xo, Gladys


  1. you are a sweetheart for posting this! ("PSA" made me laugh) thank you so very much! i had bought a pair of teal Liz last summer -which i absolutely adore. i've been wanting them in brown, but i was having a hard time justifying spending the dough on a second pair. well, at 30% off i couldn't resist. thank you!

    1. hi jen! you are so very welcome! a 30% discount on gorgeous fluevogs counts as a PSA, right? lol!

      congratulations on your new pair of liz's! i do love the new blond-brown and robin's egg blue colorway. i also went for the kitschy kitschy boom boom family --> i ended up splurging -- i mean, investing -- in the blond-brown and navy vivs. :-))) can't wait till they're in my hot little hands!

    2. definitely a PSA, yes!

      those vivs are hot - i'm glad you treated yourself. thank you again. keep vogging!

    3. thank you! go vogers!! i just went to the melrose store yesterday and tried on lots of the newest Fall styles. vog love makes me so happy. :-)


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