Thursday, April 26, 2012

Birthday Haul

Instead of giving me one huge present for my birthday this year, my husband decided to give me a series of smaller presents over the course of April. I got my first gift on April 1, and I got the last gifts during my birthday party. Getting my gifts this way definitely made the whole month special for me! And I really loved the presents he chose -- catering to my Anglophilia, haha! -- most of which weren't even on any of my wish lists. But I totally love them all!

Doctor Who Encyclopedia (most recent edition, December 2011). Of course, you can browse the encyclopedia online, an advantage of which is the fact that the online version is more promptly updated. However, I love having the physical book -- with all the awesome pictures -- ready at hand to flip through whenever I feel like it. I leave the book on the coffee table for everyone and anyone to enjoy.

Downton Abbey DVDs, both Season 1 and Season 2 (unabridged UK versions; the PBS versions were apparently edited for showing in the US). Since we don't have DVR/Tivo at home, we weren't able to record the second season of Downton Abbey when it aired on PBS. (And we can no longer be bothered to sit down in front of the TV at specific times.) So we decided to wait to watch the second season until it came to Netflix. But now we don't have to! I can't wait to sit down with the hubby and with my girlfriends sometime to re/watch both seasons.

LEGO Harry Potter game for the Wii (Years 1-4). I'd been saying for a while now that I wanted to get this game. I've been a fan of Harry Potter since the first book came out in the US. So, a very long time. My old room at my parents' house was PACKED with HP paraphernalia, like hanging Hedwig owls and bookends and pen and paper sets. I have hardcover, softcover, and CD audio versions of the series, and of course I have the movies as well. After I realized I enjoyed playing the LEGO Star Wars Wii game with my kiddo, I wanted to get Harry's version. Now we have it. :-)

Owl apron and washi tape from ModCloth. These were both on my wish list. The apron is ridiculously awesome, made by a brand with the also-awesome name Kitsch 'n' Glam. I love, love, love the pattern, and the fabric is very sturdy, almost canvas-like. The pockets that open into the center panel of the apron are a very nice touch. And yes, it really gives you an attractive shape when you put it on, just like you see on the dress form. I was so impressed that I went ahead and bought myself the matching oven mitt. I want to figure out a way to replicate this apron pattern and make it myself!

Jane's Austen's Sewing Box. I opened this one during my party, where a couple of my friends -- also Jane Austen fans -- were able to witness it. I definitely need to sit down with this book and go through each project carefully. I want to try making a bonnet, though my friend M thinks bonnets from that period were actually pretty ugly (mashed in the back and whatnot). But I think they're charming, as Mr. Bingley would say!

Vintage shot glass made in the shape of a thimble, with the words JUST A THIMBLE FULL embossed on it. This was another present that I opened during the party, and it made for some laughs. It is adorable. Plus, I am a "lightweight" when it comes to drinking so I could get totally drunk on that much (hard) liquor. But I didn't use it that night, and I don't think I could ever use it since I want to simply put it up on a display shelf and laugh to myself whenever I walk by. (By the way, the headband that looks like a fascinator and the bracelet were gifts from my friend E that day. It really was one of my most favorite birthday parties.)

xo, Gladys


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