Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Olive Trench Coat

We're still recovering from what feels like an impromptu vacation. We spent a couple more days with my husband's brother and his family after Easter, but since their schedule had been unclear for a long time, my husband and I weren't able to pack very well for our extended stay. That's how I ended up with this outfit for a weekday beach outing: short navy lacy-collared dress, olive trench coat, and semi-fancy teal flats. At least it was interesting, if not ideally color-matched. The sailor collar and navy color of the dress were certainly appropriate for the occasion, but because I felt chilly I didn't take my coat off until the end, and sadly the hubby didn't take any photos of me then.

On the train to Carpinteria

Dress: Chuti via ModCloth | Trench: Old Navy | Flats: Qupid via ModCloth | Tote: Kate Sheridan via ModCloth

View from the front

Walking to the beach

I loved the kiddo's outfit here; he didn't like having his jeans rolled up at the hem, but he had so much fun playing in the water. The hat is just adorable.

My trench was perfect for this poor little guy, who'd gotten drenched earlier and was shivering in his wet clothes. We took off his wet shirt, I placed my warm trench around him, and he was good to go.

xo, Gladys


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