Saturday, February 25, 2012

Major Distractions

So it's Saturday. I wrote in the last post that I'd finish my latch-hook cat rug "barring any major distractions." In the past few days, I managed to do a few more lines on the rug, but well, several major distractions actually did sideswipe my good intentions.

First was the kiddo getting sick on Tuesday. He vomited in the car on the way to preschool so we had to stop by our nearest friend's house to clean him up a bit before going back home. He threw up again a little bit afterwards but managed to keep bread and some water down. He said he felt perfectly fine the whole day. I think it was a combination of several things: 1) he overate that morning, chasing a bunch of beef jerky with a cup of milk then topping those off with some nuts and M&Ms (I swear he was eating nonstop for a whole hour); 2) he was a bit constipated so the food he had just eaten was sitting pretty high in his stomach; 3) the bumpy car ride didn't help; and 4) he'd been sick the week before and had a lingering cough, which instigated the gag reflex (and the excess phlegm didn't help either, as I noticed some in his throw-up). So really, it was the perfect storm for preschooler vomit. Poor kid. Caring for and coddling him took all of my Tuesday.

Second distraction came in the form of Battlestar Galactica (2004-2009 version). I'd been looking for a new series to glom onto after finishing all the available episodes of Doctor Who (the 2006-present reboot) on Netflix. I love love love Doctor Who, but BSG just BLEW. ME. AWAY. Very different tone, a lot darker than DW, not much comedy, but I love the huge ensemble cast and the man-vs-machine story arc on BSG. Kinda glad I saw DW first since I think the comedy would have fallen a little flat for me after such a huge, serious show. All I can say is wow, and I'm only on Season 1.

(By the way, I watched all the episodes of the DW spinoff Torchwood on Netflix as well in order to satisfy my DW cravings, but it was a poor substitute despite the fact that I ended up enjoying the characters and their quirks. BSG's production value is so much higher, and it really shows. The acting is really great, helped along by the top-notch camera work and moody music.)

Third major distraction was The Hunger Games trilogy. After finishing the first book, I started the second immediately. I'm still working on it. It's quite exciting despite the problems I had with the "romance" in the story and the fact that I couldn't quite believe in the realness of the chracters, but I had to set it aside anyway for more pressing matters -- matters like cleaning up the mess that is my house. We need to get this place in shape for a couple of birthday parties in a week. And it's easier to watch BSG on TV while, for instance, folding clothes. One day, I'm going to get glasses that allow me to do hands-free reading while my hands do other productive things.

xo, Gladys

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