Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Snapshots: July

Fun homemade gift tag

I love this vintage-looking shirt on the birthday boy.

Primal chocolate chip cookies (I successfully substituted coconut oil for the palm oil shortening)

First flowers from this orchid in over a year

My brother painted this awesome chevron accent wall for his twins' baby room.

One of my favorite salads this summer: Mediterranean salad with tomato, red onion, lettuce, spinach, goat cheese, pepperoncini, and Italian herbs

The kiddo working on his construction skills

I had no idea Target had its own themed Barbie -- check out that Target gift card and signature red shopping basket in her hands -- but yeah, I'm not surprised it was on clearance.

More from Target: I am not a doll person, but I kinda wanted one of each of these international-themed dolls.

Another baby in my family was just born! My second cousin's second child, a darling baby boy.

Adorable birthday cake (from Wal-Mart no less!)

Juicy organic peach at the farmer's market

A Friday night at the local baseball game with my two guys

Our latest experience at contra dance (see last month's) was made cooler by the fact that our dapper caller looked like an older Joss Whedon wearing 19th-century American clothing. Love the suspenders!

I'm still a bit in shock that this month is almost over. Gotta get cracking on my sewing projects, and after starts (seriously??). See you in August! :-)

xo, Gladys


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