Monday, November 19, 2012

Holiday Dress Shopping

This isn't much of an outfit, but more of a preview. I think I've found my holiday dress, which I plan to wear with my new Fluevog Elizabeth heels.

Dress: Tulle Los Angeles via ModCloth | Sandals: Worishofer via Amazon

I tried to blur out some of the crazy mess of my bedroom, just to save your eyes (and my dignity, haha).

Anyway, this dress was among a couple of armfuls of dresses that I ordered specifically to match the Fluevogs (theme: green, or red). Of the whole bunch, this was the dress I gravitated to the most. The others will be returned to ModCloth without any pangs of regret. I am a big fan of the brand Tulle. I seem to end up buying their clothes, even when I don't know they're the brand, because their design aesthetic just pleases me. Most of their dresses also have pockets, which is a major plus for me if you don't already know that. Thus far I have four dresses and one awesome purple plaid coat. This new green-and-black dress will make five (and yes, it has hidden pockets at the hips!). The fabric is a stiff polyester with the lacy black scallops embedded into the outside of the fabric, but it is smooth (no lace) inside. This is what it looks like on the dress form:

Even though the shape on the dress form is retro 1950s or 1960s, the fact that the waist is loose-fitting and higher than my natural waist, though not empire, prevents it from taking that classic shape. Instead, the overall pear shape of the dress when worn makes it seem less "Mad Men" and more "modern company holiday dinner and dance party" (with the right shoes, of course ;-) ).

However, the thing about ordering from ModCloth is that you end up putting things in your cart just to try them on. I've been drooling over Trollied Dolly dresses for a long while now, but they rarely go on sale. Well, when two recently went on sale for less than $65, I went ahead and ordered them both just to try them on, and *gulp* I think I'm keeping this navy-and-candy-dots one.

This definitely fits the way it does on the dress form. So flattering! And I love all the details -- peter pan collar, narrow white piping for definition, button accents, and pockets! It's 100% cotton and very comfortable. It can be worn with or without the belt since it's quite structured. The candy-colored polka dots make me really happy, and I plan to wear this for Xmas day celebrations at my house when my family come to visit for the day.

Holiday dress shopping: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. :-D

xo, Gladys


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