Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Snapshots: October

Happy November! (Already???)

October was an almost-overwhelmingly busy month, dominated by a week-long trip to Hawai'i in the middle of it. We spent the first week of October getting ready for the trip (with a dinner out with my friends one Saturday evening), then as soon as we got back, I threw myself into Halloween preparations and costume-making (see the last two posts) so that we could attend an early Halloween party, go to this month's Halloween-themed contra dance, and go trick-or-treating the night of. Then there was a quick visit to the Fluevog store on Melrose and a couple of days helping a friend move sandwiched between all of that.... I'll confess that I still haven't caught up with house-cleaning since we got back from our vacation -- though if you know me at all that's not much of a surprise. :-) Here are some of my favorite snapshots from last month.


One of the best seafood paellas I've ever eaten (George's Inka Grill)


Fluevog Believes (Hope family) in Hawai'i

Wearing my new Fluevog Qtees (Mini family) in the house ... just for fun

Cute (but not very comfortable) ballet flats on sale from ModCloth, a brand called Bumper


Love my two guys

First half hour in Hawai'i, all sweaty already

Showing off their Aulani resort bracelets after coming home from Hawai'i

Requisite pumpkin patch photo in October

A different pumpkin patch, out on a field trip with his classmates (btw, that's gum on the left side of his mouth, not a fanged tooth!)

xo, Gladys


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