Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween and Holiday Outfits

Hard to believe it's already Thursday! It feels like the week has flown by. My son didn't have school on Monday or Tuesday (and Tuesday night was spent waiting on election results), so I guess my Wednesday felt like Monday. Anyway, I just wanted to share a few photos from Halloween last week when we went trick-or-treating with our friends.

The great Batman shirt came from Target; he changed from the black short-sleeved shirt he wore earlier that day because it was actually a little chilly here on Halloween (for the past few years, Halloween has been pretty warm at night). He really enjoyed himself, and so did his friends. Of course, he got way too much candy for one little kid. Thankfully he's already forgotten about the remainder. Hoping to keep it that way and use the rest as sporadic treats through the next year.

Marginally related: I've been looking for a holiday party outfit that will match the soon-to-be-mine Fluevog Elizabeth maryjanes. (I'll have them in my hands by the end of the month!) What could match the style of these?

This outfit that young Sasha Obama wore on Election Night really caught my eye. I could definitely do a black and green two-piece outfit.

Photo from the HuffPost

Sadly, however, that skirt is from a 2010 collection by designer Chris Benz. Highly doubt it was mass-produced. (Plus it was probably several hundred dollars.)

So instead I've been scouring ModCloth for some possibilities. I'm considering maroon and red dresses along with green, and trying to find a party style that's appropriate for my husband's company party: so not too prom, but dressier than the kind of outfit I'd wear to an office job. I wore this last year (terrible photos) and might go for a similar style again, just in green or red. We'll see how it goes when I'm able to try on the items I've ordered at ModCloth. By the way, they're having a 25% off holiday sale right now. It won't match the coming sale in December, but if you're looking for a holiday outfit now, it might be a good time to look there.

xo, Gladys


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