Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Snapshots: November

This fall season is going by so quickly. I know I keep saying a variation of this, but it must be because I'm getting old and I retain less and less everyday. (There's science behind this! Children experience time more slowly than we adults do. If I've got this right, they're building memories from many more things that they experience during the course of a day; we adults have already done that work and so ignore lots of the minutiae of daily life.) Still, I remember that November was a darn good month overall. There were birthdays, cuddly babies, Thanksgiving, my anniversary, new beautiful dresses, and lots of Fluevog in my life this month! I couldn't ask for anything more. (Well, except to be done with my dissertation already, but I guess you can't have everything.) Without further ado, this month's snapshots:

Post-Halloween silliness

My mom posing in front of the Mark Taper Forum in downtown Los Angeles

Election Tuesday, November 6, 2012. I take my right to vote seriously.

Fluevog Mahalo in the Wearever family: Gorgeous shoes, but I sold these because they're too large for comfort.

Fluevog Elijah in the Earth Angel family: Vintage booties that are sadly too small for comfort. These are still up for sale.

Trying to distract him from the long wait at the restaurant for my mom's birthday brunch. I know I look scary but he actually loves it when I do stuff like this. He gets all baby-ish and cuddly. Funny kid.

Speaking of babies: my twin nephews are getting so big! I can't wait until they start babbling.

One of my favorite autumn dishes to make from the vegetables in my weekly farm box -- a recipe for cruciferous greens, like mustard greens, kale, chard, beet greens, and more. The secret is braising them with a combo of ginger and cumin, and the greens turn wonderfully sweet. Recipe forthcoming.

Another favorite autumn/winter dish, and great for treating colds. This is the Filipino version of chicken soup (with rice). Tons of ginger and onion plus some garlic really make me happy. Recipe forthcoming.

Seeing all of the seat belts in use this way made me smile. From L-R: the kiddo in his car seat, his Thomas the Engine rolling backpack, and his favorite stuffed animal B.B.

Fluevog Raphael in the Earth Angel family: Suede ankle boots that I still wear and love. These were the shoes I wore for my daytime date with the hubby on our 10-year anniversary last week. Not the sexiest pair of shoes, I admit, but they're beautiful and comfortable, and they make me happy. That seems apt, don't you think? :-)
xo, Gladys


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