Monday, March 11, 2013

Dinosaur Birthday Party, Take 2

We threw another birthday party for my 5-year-old, although this time it was hosted at my mom's house for our extended family members. We used the same dinosaur theme, but the kiddo decided that, instead of the dinosaur hoodie from last week, he wanted to wear his new Superman shirt (on sale from GAP Kids) because he wanted something with a cape. My kind of guy. :-)

It was a little easier this second time around because my mom took care of the food while my husband took care of decorations and I took care of the kids' activities. Being a little older than last week's guests, the kids here spent most of their time decorating paper dinosaurs and playing games on smartphones, my child included. My nieces are really artistic and made some great-looking dinosaurs (I'm sorry I didn't take photos before they took them home).

For the cake, my brother and sister-in-law baked a couple dozen "green velvet" cupcakes with cream-cheese frosting. They were really delicious and looked amazing when he blew out his dinosaur candles. What a fun idea. There was ice cream to accompany the cupcakes, and one family actually brought a chocolate cake from a grocery store as a present, so we had plenty of sweets for the birthday. My son had so much fun.

Below are bonus photos of my gorgeous twin nephews. They're humongous at only 5.5 months old (one is 20 lbs already!). They're such troopers. They took a nap together in the portable crib in the midst of the loud party. It was so adorable. I can't wait until they start crawling and walking and talking. They're going to be a hoot, and I can tell they'll melt MANY more hearts than just their loving auntie's.

xo, Gladys


  1. Wow, what great sharing! That is one lucky boy and one great family. The pics of the twins warmed up my heart. I loved the photo of you and Ben -- surprise hug from behind and snap a memory of it!

    Happy Birthday B,

    1. thank you, dearest! i love family photos, too. b was so much more social this time around. our mistake at our house party: letting him play on the Wii before the party while we were getting everything ready.... i've come to realize that video games make him anti-social and a little crazy, given his perfectionism and focus (tunnel vision?). at my mom's house, i made sure he was as people-focused as possible before the guests arrived.


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