Wednesday, March 27, 2013

More Fluevog Love: Spring 2013

My Ellie sportswear giveaway has ended, and the lucky winner was chosen via and has been notified. Thanks so much to everyone who entered! And don't forget that you can still get 20% off their super-stylish athletic wear for the rest of this month at! I'll have a more detailed review of their clothing in a bit. Short preview: Comfy! Durable! No muffin top! (Yes, please.)

Now on to the show ...

* * *

I managed to visit the Fluevog store on Melrose another two times since my last Fluevog post earlier this month. Why? Let me count the ways. The current Spring line is out of control. The colorways -- especially the aqua, turquoise, yellow, and pink -- have caused ripples of excitement to spread out from Vancouver, Canada, across the globe. :-) Hanging out at the store makes for a super-fun afternoon (especially when there's a Johnny Rockets right across the street where you can get some yummy milkshakes afterward).

And ... I had to pick up my (early) birthday shoes!!!

Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom: Liz in black/pink/white. Fluevog

While I took home my first choice, I have a running list of my top three that might change when I visit the store once again. They're waiting on a shipment of 7th Heaven Angel styles, including ... wait for it ... polka-dotted oxfords and ankle boots! Whuuuuut??

Here are the other styles that I was able to try on. (Much more detailed reviews on sizing, fit, and flatter-factor on the For the Love of Vogs blog here and here!)

Prepare: Guide in yellow. Fluevog | Amazon

Baroque: Caravaggio in pink. These look like presents. Fluevog | Amazon

Munster: Beth in black/white. Bonus shot of my kiddo trying to climb everything (grrr). Fluevog | Amazon

Integrity: Amie in neon orange. The color on the left shoe is true to life. Fluevog

Rule Low: Joni in pink. Fluevog | Amazon

Bellevue: Laura Evans in black/cream. Fluevog | Amazon

River: Loire in aqua/silver. Fluevog

Hope: Promise in navy/cream. Sorry about the weird colors here. Fluevog | Amazon

Espadrille: Martin in copper. These aren't available on the Fluevog website yet.
* * *

Before I left the store on my last visit, I finagled a flower-wheel photo with some of the awesome Melrose dealers. From left counterclockwise: Lenae is wearing her Prepare: Guides. Austyn is wearing his Twin Turbine: 1611 First Avenue boots. Kate (who helped me all three times I visited this month) is wearing her Living: Malcolm boots. And I'm wearing my Integrity: Amie flats. Thanks so much, guys!

xo, Gladys


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